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SternoCandleLamp Announces Strategic Partnership With Candle Impressions, North America's Leading Supplier of Flameless Candles 

Thursday, February 19, 2015
Source: SternoCandleLamp 

ORONA, Calif., Feb. 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SternoCandleLamp™ announced that on February 18, 2015, it entered into a strategic partnership agreement with Vancouver-based Northern International, Inc., manufacturer of the best-selling Candle Impressions® line of Flameless Candles. The agreement between the two companies will provide the U.S. and Canadian foodservice industry with the most comprehensive and innovative line of flameless candle products and will be marketed as SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Candles featuring Candle Impressions® Technology.

Don Hinshaw, SternoCandleLamp™ CEO & President said, "With the introduction of SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Candles, North America's leading manufacturer of table top lighting is now positioned to also be the most recognized name in flameless lighting. By partnering with Candle Impressions®, SternoCandleLamp™ will provide the foodservice industry with the most comprehensive line of ambience products." When asked why the leader in flame producing products would want to get into the flameless candle category, Craig Carnes, SternoCandleLamp™ Senior Vice President of Marketing & Sales responded, "The answer is simple, our customers have asked us to. We will continue to provide our full line of liquid and hard wax products, but our customers are looking for a flameless solution and we're partnering with Candle Impressions® to make this technology available to them by introducing a broad line of flameless products."

Steve Gula, President of Northern International stated, "We're seeing a tremendous increase in the demand for flameless candles, and we believe strongly that the foodservice market represents a huge growth opportunity. The time to act is now, and partnering with SternoCandleLamp allows us to move as quickly as possible in addressing the growing demand for our products in this market."

SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Candles will feature products produced by Candle Impressions®, owner of the world's most prominent patented flameless candle technology, and the best-selling flameless candle manufacturer in the world. SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Lighting will include candles that can operate in the rain and extreme heat, candles that can be recharged without changing the battery and even candles that can be easily programmed to turn on and off automatically.

SternoCandleLamp™ Flameless Candles will debut at NAFEM 2015, booth #6238 and be available to ship beginning in May 2015.

About SternoCandleLamp™ - www.sternocandlelamp.com

Headquartered in Corona, California, SternoCandleLamp™ is the leading manufacturer and marketer of portable food warming fuel and creative table lighting solutions for the foodservice industry. SternoCandleLamp's product line includes wick and gel chafing fuels, butane stoves and accessories, liquid and traditional wax candles, catering equipment and lamps. For over 100 years, the iconic "Sterno" brand has been synonymous with quality canned heat. The heritage of reliability and innovation continues today, as SternoCandleLamp™ continues to bring to market new products that give foodservice industry professionals greater control over food quality and décor. 

Candle Impressions® is the leading manufacturer of flameless candles in the world. With millions of candles sold annually, we are the preferred global supplier and prized for our patented realistic wick design.

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