Can the light bulb be replaced?
Unfortunately, the LED light bulb used in all our Flameless Candles cannot be replaced. In order to provide you with the most authentic looking candles the LED is embedded within the wax shell and cannot be accessed without destroying the candle. However, the LEDs that we use have a life expectancy of 100,000 hours.

Will the candle melt?
The flameless candles are made of solid wax and can soften if exposed to high temperatures or sunlight for extended periods of time.

Can I light the wick?
No, the wick is for decorative purposes only and it is not meant to be lit. The candles are non-combustible.

Does the scent fade with time?
The scent of the candle is infused into the wax and over time it will absorb other surrounding odors, causing the initial candle scent to fade. However, cleaning the surface of the candle will bring back the scent. The candle is not meant to replace room deodorizers.

Does the candle radiate heat?
While the authentic flicker and glow does provide warmth to the feel of a room it does not provide any physical heat. The LEDs used in the flameless candles are less than 1-watt and do not radiate heat or warm up.

How long will the candle last for?
The lifetime expectancy of the LED is 100,000 hours which is over 10 years of regular use. Battery run times are dependent on the size and quality of the brand that is being used.